More value and safety with a gas stove

A gas stove is an unbeatably high-quality, trendy and ecological solution for the kitchen of your home, which is why there are already more than 30,000 gas stove users in the gas distribution network area! You should think about installing gas stoves and building a supply pipeline when carrying out a renovation, for example, as by choosing gas, you can increase the value of your housing company. If there is a restaurant operating on the property, you should take it into consideration when carrying out an HVAC renovation, as using a gas connection is clearly the most cost-efficient solution for a restaurant. Read why using gas stoves in housing companies is a good idea!

In housing company use, gas is…

  • Hassle-free. As a customer of Suomen Kaasuenergia, you can say goodbye to liquid gas tanks. Our natural gas and biogas are delivered through a pipe directly to your housing company, and you can rest assured that you’ll have gas whenever you need it.
  • Safe. The flame is easy to adjust and can’t be turned on by accident, making it an excellent choice for households with children or pets. Gas is also a safe choice because it’s delivered to your housing company directly through a pipe.
  • High-quality. Stylish and professional-grade gas stoves increase the value of your housing company.
  • Affordable. Gas is an affordable choice for housing companies, and with a housing company-specific gas agreement, using gas is even cheaper for every resident.
  • Environmentally friendly. Natural gas is a clean form of energy that doesn’t stain. As a customer of Suomen Kaasuenergia, your housing company can also switch over to 100% renewable biogas, which is produced in Finland from sources such as biodegradable household and industrial waste.

Connect your housing company to the gas network

You can start using natural gas or biogas by connecting your housing company to your local gas distribution network. The majority of our gas agreements are housing company-specific, whereby the gas agreement is more affordable for individual users as well. Furthermore, the use of environmentally friendly biogas with joint metering in the housing company is cheaper than using natural gas!

Restaurant in your housing company?

Read more about why using gas stoves is a smart and ecological restaurant’s choice! The page provides you with a price list for using gas in a restaurant, as well as 4 tips for safe gas use.

Gas in restaurant use