Gas for housing companies

Gas is an affordable choice for housing companies

Is your housing company connected to the gas distribution network, but you are not using natural gas or biogas yet? Or are you planning to connect to the gas distribution network? Suomen Kaasuenergia will provide you with an environmentally friendly solution if you’re thinking about increasing the value of your housing company with gas stoves or clean heating! Gas is an excellent choice for new buildings, but a gas supply pipeline can also be built during a pipeline renovation. You can use gas in any housing company covered by the gas distribution network. With joint metering, your housing company can use gas at an even more affordable price!


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Gas provides reliable and efficient heating all year round

Natural gas or biogas by Suomen Kaasuenergia is an environmentally friendly and affordance choice for heating housing companies. It’s reliable and safe to use, as it’s delivered to your housing company directly through a pipe. You should give thought to connecting to the gas distribution network before beginning construction or when carrying out a renovation. By utilising joint gas metering, your housing company can use gas at an even more affordable price.

Gas is an excellent choice for housing companies, as it’s…

  • Reliable in terms of supplyThe gas is delivered through a pipe directly to your housing company and will never run out. Furthermore, our gas distribution network is not affected by electricity outages caused by storms or supply disruptions caused by transportation problems.
  • Safe. Gas is a safe choice, as it’s delivered through a pipe directly to your housing company. This also makes liquid gas tanks a thing of the past.
  • Multi-purpose. In addition to heating, you can use gas for purposes such as firing up an outdoor grill or a stove.
  • Affordable. Compared to other forms of energy, gas is affordable. Furthermore, the majority of our gas agreements are housing company-specific and based on joint metering, making the use of gas more affordable for every resident.
  • Clean. Natural gas is a clean form of energy and thus a green choice. It creates fewer emissions than oil and wood, and it doesn’t stain or require chimney sweeping.
  • Environmentally friendly. Your housing company can choose clean natural gas or replace it with environmentally friendly biogas. Biogas is produced in Finland from biodegradable household and industrial waste, and it’s 100% renewable!

Connect your housing company to the gas network

You can start using natural gas or biogas by connecting your housing company to your local gas distribution network. The majority of our gas agreements are housing company-specific, whereby the gas agreement is more affordable for individual users as well. Furthermore, the use of environmentally friendly biogas with joint metering in the housing company is cheaper than using natural gas!

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From natural gas to biogas

You can easily switch over from clean natural gas to environmentally friendly and 100% renewable biogas.

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Customer service

Our customer service will help you with any questions you may have about buying and using gas.

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