Savings for the entire housing company with joint metering

Are there households that cook with gas in your housing company? Or are you thinking about building a gas supply pipeline into a new building? In that case, you should know that by utilising joint metering, your housing company can save on energy costs. In joint metering, the consumption of households using gas is metered centrally and charged from the housing company, making it more affordable for every household using gas.

Starting joint metering is easy

  1. Housing company’s decision to start joint metering. You can make a proposal about switching over to joint metering to the housing company board.
  2. Notification to Suomen Kaasuenergia. The president of the board or the housing manager can easily notify Suomen Kaasuenergia of your decision to start joint metering by contacting us by telephone at +358 (0) 20 690 027 (weekdays 8 am–5 pm), by e-mail at or with our electronic contact form.
  3. Meter installation. When the housing company switches over to joint metering, a gas meter and a remote reading device are installed in the basement near the gas connection. The housing company is invoiced based on the readings of these devices.
  4. Termination of apartment-specific agreements. The apartment-specific gas agreements of the housing company are terminated centrally by Suomen Kaasuenergia, from which point on the gas agreement will be under the name of the housing company.
  5. Gas consumption invoicing. Gas consumption is metered based on the joint metering, and the housing company receives one gas invoice that covers the transfer (Auris Kaasunjakelu Oy) and sales (Suomen Kaasuenergia Oy) of gas. The invoice includes an apartment-specific fixed fee and a fee based on gas consumption, which is split among all the households using gas by the housing manager.
  6. A more ecological housing company. In addition to natural gas, your housing company can switch over to environmentally friendly biogas, which is even cheaper than natural gas when joint metering is used. Using biogas requires a remotely read meter with which the gas consumption can be monitored on an hourly basis.

Pricing examples

  • Apartment-specific biogas invoice ~40 c/day, i.e. €12/month (Price calculated based on average gas stove household consumption, 290 kWh)
  • Total consumption fees 16.74 c/Kwh (biogas) 17.97 c/kWh (natural gas)
  • Total fixed fees €96.17/apartment/year

The prices are valid until further notice and contain a 24% VAT.