Heat cleanly with gas

When carrying out construction in winter, the weather conditions make succeeding all the more challenging. Work such as concrete casting requires a certain temperature to be carried out successfully. Natural gas or biogas supplied by the gas distribution network is excellently suited for this purpose, and warm conditions make working more comfortable as well. Gas is versatile and a clean, safe and reliable form of heating.

Here are a few reasons why you should utilise gas at construction sites!

  • Gas prices are competitive compared to other forms of energy.
  • In heating, gas is operationally reliable, as it’s supplied directly through a pipe and will never run out.
  • The power supplied by the distribution pipe is enough to heat a large construction site.
  • The construction site saves space, as using gas supplied by the delivery pipeline for temporary heating requires no extra fuel tanks.
  • Gas is safe. Natural gas and biogas are air by composition and thus lighter than liquid gas, so in the event of a mechanical pipe breakage, the gas rises upwards and causes no danger at the construction site.
  • Compared to oil and liquid gas, natural gas causes fewer carbon dioxide emissions and doesn’t stain.
  • As a customer of Suomen Kaasuenergia, you can also choose environmentally friendly biogas, which can be used like natural gas. Biogas is produced in Finland from biodegradable household and industrial waste, and it’s 100% renewable!

Commissioning temporary heating during construction?

If the construction or renovation site already has a gas connection, the gas needed by the building heaters is supplied through it. If no existing connection is available, a temporary gas connection can be built. The price of the gas connection is agreed upon separately for each site, consisting of the building and dismantling costs of the connection pipe with related excavation and backfilling, as well as the rental costs of pressure reduction or boosting equipment with related work and materials. The supply limit of the connection extends up to the output flange of the pressure reduction or boosting equipment.

After the connection has been built, our co-operation partner builds a gas network needed for the construction with temporary steel fabric-reinforced rubber hoses to which heaters can be connected as needed. The energy used for heating is calculated based on the metered gas amounts and charged for as megawatt hours.

Schematic diagram of the temporary heating during construction

Increase the value of the apartments and business premises of your building

After the gas connection has been used for heating during construction, it can be utilised as a form of energy for the property. Gas will increase the value of new and renovated properties alike, and building supply pipelines into the property in connection with other building services enables apartments and restaurateurs operating in the business premises to use environmentally friendly biogas.