Gas is a reliable choice for heating your home

A multi-purpose fuel, gas is an excellent choice for heating your home, as it’s environmentally friendly, safe, affordable and clean. As a customer of Suomen Kaasuenergia, you can take advantage of the undeniable advantages of gas heating!

In heating, gas is…

  • Reliable in terms of supply. Gas is a reliable choice of heating your home, as it’s delivered directly to your home through a pipe and will never run out. Furthermore, a natural gas or biogas-based heating system is guaranteed to have enough power to heat your household water as well.
  • Safe. Gas is a safe choice, as it is delivered to your home through a pipe and does not require storage, unlike oil which also causes environmental damage if leaks occur.
  • Versatile. In addition to heating your home, you can also use gas on a grill, on a stove, and in a fireplace.
  • Affordable. Compared to other forms of energy, gas is affordable. Furthermore, a natural gas connection is easier to build than a district heating connection – the commissioning investment is considerably smaller when compared to geothermal heating, for example.
  • Clean. Natural gas is a clean form of energy and thus a green choice. It creates fewer emissions than oil and wood, and it doesn’t stain or require chimney sweeping.
  • Environmentally friendly. In addition to clean natural gas you can also choose environmentally friendly biogas. It’s produced in Finland from biodegradable household and industrial waste, and it’s 100% renewable!

Connect your home to the gas distribution network

You can easily become a natural gas or biogas user by connecting your home to your local gas distribution network or if your housing company is already connected to it. If you live in an apartment building and your housing company is not yet connected to the gas distribution network, make a proposal! The gas supply of entire housing companies can be carried out with joint metering, whereby the gas becomes more affordable for every resident.