Gas is a versatile and smart choice

Gas is a hassle-free, reliable and environmentally friendly form of energy for any home. You can use gas anywhere within the gas distribution network, regardless of whether you live in a detached house, a terraced house or an apartment building. Here are a few excellent reasons why you should become a customer of Suomen Kaasuenergia and take advantage of gas!

  • With gas, you can heat your home reliably all year round and cook with professional safety on a stove and a grill alike.
  • Natural gas is a clean form of energy. As a customer of Suomen Kaasuenergia, you can also switch over from natural gas to 100% renewable Finnish biogas.
  • Using natural gas and biogas is safe with a reliable supply, as the gas is delivered to your home directly through a pipe.
  • You can easily become a gas user by connecting your house or housing company to your local gas distribution network. If your housing company is already connected to the gas network, the gas supply of the entire housing company can be carried out with joint metering.

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Cook safely and like a pro with a gas stove.

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Gas is a reliable choice for heating.

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