More efficient processes with gas

A versatile fuel, gas is a hassle-free, clean and efficient choice of energy for industrial and corporate manufacturing processes. Choosing gas promotes sustainable development, regardless of whether your company chooses clean natural gas or 100% renewable biogas. Here are a few excellent reasons why your company should start using gas in its processes!

In process use, gas is…

  • Reliable in terms of supply. Natural gas and biogas are delivered to your company directly through a pipe, so gas is always available. Furthermore, our gas distribution network is not affected by electricity outages caused by storms or supply disruptions caused by transportation problems. Our network provides you with gas exactly when you need it – conveniently and reliably!
  • Environmentally friendly. Natural gas is a clean form of energy that doesn’t stain like oil. Your company can choose clean natural gas or replace it with environmentally friendly biogas. Biogas is produced in Finland from biodegradable household and industrial waste, and it’s 100% renewable!
  • Cost-efficient. Gas is affordable to use and, thanks to its operational reliability, cost-efficient as well.
  • Flexible. In process use, the burning of gas is easy to adjust. It can also be combined with other energy sources and utilised in heating, in addition to processes.
  • Valued. When you utilise biogas as part of your processes, you can use the Biogas Label to send a message of your company’s values and environmental responsibility.

Connect your company to the gas distribution network

You can easily become a natural gas or biogas user by connecting your company to your local gas distribution network.