Thoughts on gas already during construction

You should already consider gas when planning construction or a renovation. Thanks to its versatility, gas is an excellent choice for new buildings, but it’s also well-suited for commissioning in connection with a pipeline renovation. Here are a few reasons why you should choose gas as a form of energy for your building!

  • Gas is versatile. Gas is a reliable form of energy for heating apartments all year round, but it also enables you to cook like a pro on a gas stove.
  • Gas increases value. By selecting gas, you can increase the value of new apartments and business buildings, as gas stoves are a safe, professional and ecological choice for modern living.
  • Gas is an ecological choice. By building supply pipelines, you enable the apartment or business building to switch over to environmentally friendly biogas.
  • Gas is well-suited for construction as well. In addition to the apartments or a restaurant located on the property, the gas connection can be also utilised for heating during construction.