Use gas in a more environmentally friendly manner

You can easily switch over from clean natural gas to environmentally friendly and 100% renewable biogas. Biogas is no different from natural gas in terms of usage properties, so it can be used wherever natural gas is used. Biogas is produced in Finnish biogas plants from sources such as biodegradable household and industrial waste – in other words, switching over to biogas is a truly green choice!

Switching over to biogas is easy

  1. Decision to switch over biogas. All homes covered by the gas distribution network can switch over to environmentally friendly biogas. By switching over to 100% renewable Finnish biogas, you can reduce your carbon dioxide emissions to zero!
  2. Let our customer service know if you are planning to switch over. You can easily notify Suomen Kaasuenergia of your decision by contacting us by telephone at +358 (0)800 156 688 (weekdays 8 am–5 pm), by e-mail at or with our electronic contact form.
  3. Gas consumption metering. Biogas consumption is metered with a remotely read meter that must be installed into the place of use when switching over to biogas if the property does yet not have one.
  4. Presto! You are supplied with biogas. You can use the gas for cooking and heating your home just like before, as the properties of biogas are equivalent to those of natural gas. The only difference is that biogas is fully renewable energy, and your carbon dioxide emissions are down to zero from now on!