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Meet Suomen Kaasuenergia

We are a trendy Finnish company that provides you with clean and efficient gas energy to suit your needs: for kitchen stoves, for heating and for industrial applications. We operate in 19 cities in Southern Finland and are able to provide gas in a more extensive area than any other company.


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  • 26 000 consumer customers
  • 450 housing companies
  • 300 restaurants
  • 300 other corporate customers


We at Suomen Kaasuenergia take care of sales, while Auris Kaasunjakelu handles the gas distribution. We invest heavily in selling both natural gas and biogas, as well as developing heating solutions. We believe in the competitiveness of natural gas and biogas as clean fuels that are unbeatable for a variety of applications. Our distribution network enables you to use 100% renewable Finnish biogas.

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Auris Kaasunjakelu Oy

Auris Kaasunjakelu Oy owns and operates gas distribution networks in 13 cities in Finland. We have fixed offices in Helsinki, Lohja and Kotka, which is also home to our company’s main office. In 2017, we had a turnover of €35.3 million and a staff of 10 people.

In addition to owning, using and maintaining distribution networks and controlling projects, Auris Kaasunjakelu Oy delivers services such as:

Gas network location information for contractors planning earthworks in the network area and underground infrastructure planners Instructions regarding working over the network for those planning planting or construction Surveys regarding potential customers’ capability to connect to the gas Network Surveys regarding connection pipeline layouts for connection holders Auris Kaasunjakelu Oy was previously known as Aurora Kaasunjakelu Oy, Gasum Paikallisjakelu Oy and Helsingin Kaupunkikaasu Oy. Gasum Oy sold the companies’ shares to the private capital investment company SL Capital Partners on 30 June 2015.

Connect to the gas distribution network

Auris Kaasunjakelu Oy has acquired Gasum Oy’s retail and heating business operations in its network area. In the future, Suomen Kaasuenergia Oy will be responsible for gas sales and Auris Kaasunjakelu Oy will transfer the gas to customers. Customers will only receive one invoice from Auris Kaasunjakelu Oy containing gas transfer and sales fees.

If you have any questions about connecting to the gas distribution network, please contact our customer service (tel. +358 (0) 20 690 027 or asiakaspalvelu (at) Our customer service will provide you with a connecting price quote and information about our gas prices.

Customer Service

Our customer service will help you with any questions you may have about buying and using gas.

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